Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm a jeweler not a blogger so here's the rest of my blog that I deleted

this is the end of the next blog down (new stuff at HHD) .

A Wedgwood China collection!
And As always - you can bring me one of your own plates and place an order!!
See Ya at the sale!!

New stuff at His Hands design

My work area is TOTALLY messy- which means, lots of pieces being created!
At the Mamamade Spring Sale HHD will be introducing a few new designs-

Tea Cup Handles! They look so great finished !

A Flow Blue China collection!

Preview of Freshie & Zero

dogwood booth
Above is a picture from my booth this past weekend at the Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville. I debuted several new pieces that aren't yet on my website, including the "Cartwheel" earrings pictured below:

The above pair have peridot, but I'm making them with amazonite, aquamarine, and more! Be the first to get them by coming to Mamamade!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tree Hugger Company

Hello all,
My name is Amber Hernandez. I've been married for nearly 3 years to my best friend, Abel. My two boys, Austin 12yrs & Alexzavier 2yrs, are my life! I'm a new homeschool mom and huge church goer! If I could live at Bible Baptist in Hendersonville, I would :)
*Anyway, This is my effort to tell you more about my site and what I do. I got into sewing last August. I purchased a 50-70 yr old machine that has been named "Gracie". Why?, because only by her grace will she let me sew. If she doesn't have my full attention when I'm sewing, she WILL NOT sew for me!! & no I'm NOT joking.

So, I decided that I needed a "thing", ya know, a hobby. I do have quite a few that I've been interested in (and decent at) over the course of my life, but wanted to do something... new to me but deeply rooted in women's history. I'm very old-fashioned in my young 29yrs. So, sewing it was. Lots of "mistakes" and prototypes later, I started the Tree Hugger Company, why? cuz I'm a tree hugger! :) I love this Earth! Our good Lord made it for us to live upon & I feel it's our responsibility to take care of it.

The 'Company' is the title I use to sell my goods but 'The Community' is my ultimate mission to open the world of green living to everyone. I inspire to connect environmentally concious companies with green-minded consumers. (Is.60:22)

Pretty soon the community portal will be up, running, and oh so functional! I'm very excited (too much so!) and pray that God will use me through this site to reach millions of people to save and protect our planet that He created for us.

In His Grace,