Friday, March 14, 2008

Participant Bio: Marie Lamb

I'm Marie Lamb of KnitOwl toys, and this is Esmerelda MonaLisa. We live in Hollow Rock, Tennessee. Esme is four months old and our greatest work of art. Daddy does computers and networking. I used to be a programmer as well, but now we run a little online electronics shop and I design and make toys. Toys are my way of making art that will be used and loved for years to come.

Besides Esme and her Daddy, my greatest joy is taking an idea and some materials and making it real. Whether it be a small handheld baby toy, or a two foot dragon, I delight in the process of 2D pattern piece to 3D object. Daddy gives Esme lots of extra cuddle-time, picks up materials and sometimes thinks up new types of toys. Esme helps out with the product testing and has really given me insight into what young babies like in a toy. Bright high-contrast colors, chewability and arms and legs that put up with a lot of yanking are very important when working for babies and toddlers!

Esme and her Mousebear
She's really wondering why we're all outside and
Daddy has that camera thing again...

All of my toy patterns are handcrafted originals that I can do up in custom colors and features. I do entirely custom toys for some customers, creating the pattern from their ideas and fabric suggestions. Custom work usually takes a week to two months.

We're really excited about MamaMade! I'm very thankful to be invited and will be happy to meet some other mommies from this area of the country and see what crafts they are bringing!

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Come see us at our KnitOwl blog, where Esme will give a lot more smiles ;) We also sell our toys on Etsy at

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Looking forward to meeting you and seeing your wonderful products up close! What wonderful inspiration you have in your daughter, I'm sure!