Friday, April 04, 2008

Elizabeth Behan featured on Breakfast with Bulger!

Congratulations to one of our Mamamade Mamas, Elizabeth Behan, on her Channel 4 appearance this morning!

Terry Bulger is an Emmy Award-winning reporter whose story highlighted her unusual and beautiful jewelry created from broken china. Break one of grandma's dishes? Call Elizabeth and she will surely turn it into something that gives you joy again. Smashing of plates can even be seen in the feature Terry did, with Elizabeth's sweet son, Teagen, holding his hands over his ears during the crashing sounds!

Job well done, Elizabeth! And, thank you Terry Bulger!

The video can be found here on Channel 4's website.

And Elizabeth's creations, under the name His Hands Design, can be found at the Spring 2008 Mamamade Market on April 26! See you there!


The Hen said...

Elizabeth is a natural! The camera loves her! Good job and Thank You, Terry Bulger.

*j-u-l-e-s* said...

Great segment! I loved seeing her son hold his ears! :smile