Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Participant -The Creative JAR - Jodi Reeves

Being creative, but especially painting, has been part of my life since childhood. I get the creative gene mostly from my mother’s side. I am a self-taught creator. Though I have always made creative things I did not began creating commissioned paintings until 2003, and did not bring my work to the public in November 2005 at the TN Fair Grounds Flea Market. In the spring of 2006, I began showing with Nashville’s Untitled Artists’ Group. I was invited to be on the board of Untitled in 2007. Also in 2007 I co-created CRAFT - a creative community which I also coordinate. I am involved in other creative groups in Nashville such as Plowhaus Artists' Cooperative, Nashville Craft Mafia and Artsy Mama's. I created my company The Creative JAR but is also involved in many other business ventures such as Par Deux Meres a collaborative project with Kim Smith of White Cottage Design, JAM in a JAR Apparel as the designer, Artsi Moments as the co-owner and creative director of Clint the Black Cat.

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I was born and raised in International Falls, MN. It is a remote town in northern Minnesota on the Canadian border. My family moved to my husband's home state of Tennessee in 1994. I have worked in Nashville’s printing industry since 1995 and worked her way up the ranks as an Advertising Account Manager of many nationally known magazines. Besides being heavily involved with the growing art scene in Nashville, I also do freelance graphic arts and design mostly for print production. I reside with my husband and three girls near J. Percy Priest Lake, where they enjoy spending time outdoors, fishing and swimming.

lady of words

Go Green Creatively bag


Creating is an important part of my "me" time. It is a way for me to experience a creative life and a tool for maintaining my sanity. Acrylic is my favorite medium on wood or canvas. My favorite tool besides my paintbrush is sandpaper. I like to paint in many styles and have enjoyed experimenting with a wide range of art and craft media. I use a lot of natural elements, found materials and text in my work. My pieces are mostly fun and whimsical, but some of my works have a more serious side. I continue to try new styles and medias, and learn more every day. My current work explores the themes of the roles and emotions of woman, nature and words. A new project of mine is The Land of Neevin which is a story told via softies, they have their own blog.

landof neevin

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