Friday, March 14, 2008

Participant Bio: Samantha Harris

My name is Samantha Harris and I am the youngest of the three sisters in Three Pine Design. I live in Clinton, TN. I grew up in Palmetto, GA in a fun and creative family. I have always had a desire to create! I am a new mother of a baby girl named Kaori! My husband and I are headed to Tokyo, Japan in 11 days to pick her up and bring her home! You will all get to meet her the day of the festival!

My passion is musical theatre, I have a degree in musical theatre and a minor in dance. I love watching it, talking about it, creating it and performing it! My sisters and I decided to start creating baby products at the end of 2007 and we have been successful in selling some of our products to local stores around Knoxville. I will let my sisters tell about their individual products that they have made. I make stationary, head wreaths and paintings. You will see all of the pictured items at the Fair. You can access our etsy site by clicking on the title of my post! (Participant Bio: Samantha Harris) It will take you straight to our products. All of the items posted below are note cards that come in sets of eight. Some are blank and some include messages.

Participant Bio: Marie Lamb

I'm Marie Lamb of KnitOwl toys, and this is Esmerelda MonaLisa. We live in Hollow Rock, Tennessee. Esme is four months old and our greatest work of art. Daddy does computers and networking. I used to be a programmer as well, but now we run a little online electronics shop and I design and make toys. Toys are my way of making art that will be used and loved for years to come.

Besides Esme and her Daddy, my greatest joy is taking an idea and some materials and making it real. Whether it be a small handheld baby toy, or a two foot dragon, I delight in the process of 2D pattern piece to 3D object. Daddy gives Esme lots of extra cuddle-time, picks up materials and sometimes thinks up new types of toys. Esme helps out with the product testing and has really given me insight into what young babies like in a toy. Bright high-contrast colors, chewability and arms and legs that put up with a lot of yanking are very important when working for babies and toddlers!

Esme and her Mousebear
She's really wondering why we're all outside and
Daddy has that camera thing again...

All of my toy patterns are handcrafted originals that I can do up in custom colors and features. I do entirely custom toys for some customers, creating the pattern from their ideas and fabric suggestions. Custom work usually takes a week to two months.

We're really excited about MamaMade! I'm very thankful to be invited and will be happy to meet some other mommies from this area of the country and see what crafts they are bringing!

Click below to see some of our toys (new window)

Come see us at our KnitOwl blog, where Esme will give a lot more smiles ;) We also sell our toys on Etsy at

Participant Bio: Freshie & Zero

Hi there! My name is "Freshie" (a.k.a. Beth) and I make a line of jewelry called Freshie & Zero. Zero is my Jack Russel Terrier. I am an "honorary" mama.



I was born and raised in Nashville, TN and I am so happy to still be living in this area! I have been making jewelry full time now for two years. I strive to create pieces that are pretty, modern, and classic by using simple geometric shapes. Each piece is handcrafted using a hammer and sterling silver or gold-filled wire and the end result is a mix of delicate sophistication and irregular organic beauty. Occasionally I add touches of semi-precious gemstones or pearls, and have recently added elements of delicate and edgy wire wrapping. Prices range from $18 earrings to $112 lariats, but the average price is around $40-$60.

All of the above & more will be at the Mamamade show! Please visit my website or my blog to learn more about my jewelry & my crafty life!


Participant Bio: Tisra Fadely

I have been married for nearly ten years now, and am Mommy to three children: Grant (7 1/2), Dean (5), and Lael (3). We are currently a year into the process of adopting our fourth child and should be matched with an infant girl from Taiwan in the coming months.

So, these are obviously some pretty busy years for me- but they are also some of the most creative years I've ever lived!

I was raised in Southern California and had a super-artistic mother. She did pottery, jewelry, leather working, painting, stained glass, drawing, and glass blowing. Was there any choice but for at least a little of that to rub off on me?! :-) (Incidentally, my dad can play the saxophone by ear, and is a great gardener but I got none of that!) As a young child, I drew constantly and played with craft stuff all the time. Academics took over as I hit middle school and high school and I spent less and less time feeding the creative side within me.

But, a funny thing happened when I started staying home to raise my own children- that creative spirit wiggled it's way out again. I thank God often that He allowed me to rediscover that part of myself. I am forever changed.

Just like my mother, I'm a "dabbler". A little of this. A little of that. I work in linoleum block print, knitting, sewing, painting, and drawing. At this season's Mamamade Market, I will have available framed and unframed art, artistic photography, and blank art cards. My Etsy shop is here.

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