Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Participant Bio: Elizabeth Hutchison

greetings from two green olive trees!

This spring I am so excited for many reasons…our family discovered that we are expecting baby Hutchison #5! Yeah!

(for those of you who don’t know, we currently are blessed with four wonderful boys!) My life is very full! Between home schooling

and keeping my home, which are full time LOVES of mine,  I try to sew & create in my “spare time”…which is usually quite spare indeed!

Secondly I am so excited, along with most of you, to be participating in this years first ever spring sale!

Isn’t spring awesome! Fresh air, everything is in bloom, life reemerges!

And so here at two green olive trees there are some fresh new products to show you that I have slowly been creating.


I first started creating with the ever functional bibs & burp cloths, blankets and diaper sacks…

New this year I have my “baby la leche”, the stylish breastfeeding apron to help keep breastfeeding under cover; and

I also have some adorable lounge sets for your adorable little ones.  As always, all my items are available in a variety of

Stylish, designer fabrics…made specifically to order, just for you.  


I’ve also got some gift ideas such as little girl headbands and fabric magnets that I am working on…

I am so looking forward to the sale and meeting many new mama’s this year & re uniting with my “new” old mamas!


Take care~ Elizabeth

Pine Needle Baskets

Hi Everyone!! My name is Elaine Ussery, and I make pine needle baskets. I first discovered this craft while traveling in Florida, and then I started to see the baskets in other places. The first person that I came upon that was creating these baskets was Jeanne. Jeanne was drying some pine needles on a picnic table, and being the nosy person I am, I had to ask "What are you doing?" Then she told me about the basket making and showed me some of her creations. Wow! I was hooked! She was kind enough to show me the basics, and then I took a few classes on the how to's. I decided to get involved in some of the craft shows, as my hobby got out of control. When I do get into a craft show, I demonstrate how I make them. Most people have not seen them before, and I found out if I didn't demonstrate, they didn't believe that they were made from pine needles! Come see my creations!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Colorful Spanish tees from Los Pollitos Dicen (The Little Chicks Say)

Happy Spring, all. We are preparing for the best Mamamade show ever and we're bringing with us lots of colorful fabulousness such as tank tops, and new baby bibs and hats -- all 100% cotton and made in the USA.

Come shop the new designs and find a sweet sale in the bargain bin.

-- Carrie

Participant -The Creative JAR - Jodi Reeves

Being creative, but especially painting, has been part of my life since childhood. I get the creative gene mostly from my mother’s side. I am a self-taught creator. Though I have always made creative things I did not began creating commissioned paintings until 2003, and did not bring my work to the public in November 2005 at the TN Fair Grounds Flea Market. In the spring of 2006, I began showing with Nashville’s Untitled Artists’ Group. I was invited to be on the board of Untitled in 2007. Also in 2007 I co-created CRAFT - a creative community which I also coordinate. I am involved in other creative groups in Nashville such as Plowhaus Artists' Cooperative, Nashville Craft Mafia and Artsy Mama's. I created my company The Creative JAR but is also involved in many other business ventures such as Par Deux Meres a collaborative project with Kim Smith of White Cottage Design, JAM in a JAR Apparel as the designer, Artsi Moments as the co-owner and creative director of Clint the Black Cat.

self portrait

I was born and raised in International Falls, MN. It is a remote town in northern Minnesota on the Canadian border. My family moved to my husband's home state of Tennessee in 1994. I have worked in Nashville’s printing industry since 1995 and worked her way up the ranks as an Advertising Account Manager of many nationally known magazines. Besides being heavily involved with the growing art scene in Nashville, I also do freelance graphic arts and design mostly for print production. I reside with my husband and three girls near J. Percy Priest Lake, where they enjoy spending time outdoors, fishing and swimming.

lady of words

Go Green Creatively bag


Creating is an important part of my "me" time. It is a way for me to experience a creative life and a tool for maintaining my sanity. Acrylic is my favorite medium on wood or canvas. My favorite tool besides my paintbrush is sandpaper. I like to paint in many styles and have enjoyed experimenting with a wide range of art and craft media. I use a lot of natural elements, found materials and text in my work. My pieces are mostly fun and whimsical, but some of my works have a more serious side. I continue to try new styles and medias, and learn more every day. My current work explores the themes of the roles and emotions of woman, nature and words. A new project of mine is The Land of Neevin which is a story told via softies, they have their own blog.

landof neevin

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We're excited to be Mamas!

Limited Edition KnitOwl toys at MamaMade

Alien Monster Doll
handmade baby toys

I will be making some 'limited edition' versions of popular KnitOwl toys to have available at MamaMade. These fun aliens and rabbits in Michael Miller fabrics are part of the Special Editions. There is also one of each type to be available in the online store, with the rest sold at the show or raffled off afterwards in contests on our blog.

Playtime Rabbit
handmade baby toys

Creative Minds Signature Designs

The Creative Minds Signature Designs team is a creative collaboration of artistry and the home life that we so value. We want to enrich our children's lives as well as pursue a business that keeps us close to home. We want to model for our families that life is a series of beautiful creations that with time and effort can be made into anything you can dream. We have a business that doesn’t compromise our priorities but gives us a tremendous outlet to offer something that defines us as more than parents and teachers to our children.

We create fabric art that consists of painted or fabric wrapped custom framework and includes hand cut and hand stitched appliqu├ęs as well as ribbon, wood and beaded embellishments. We also have acrylic and mixed media artwork that is equally unique as all of our work is one of a kind. We love to personalize and customize art for individual spaces.

From Tisra: treebranchONE

Linoleum block prints (linocuts) are similar in concept to a stamp, in that they are relief prints. I hand cut my artwork on natural linoleum, which is a thin, carve-able layer of cork and linseed oil with a burlap backing. After the cutting and carving is done, the image is inked with a brayer and transfered to paper. I prefer the old-fashioned method of burnishing with a wooden spoon, and do not use a printing press. This allows me to be more hands on with my work, and results in subtle differences in each print- making them each unique!  For this reason, linocut prints are each considered original art.  All of my linoleum block prints are signed, dated, and numbered.  The numbering allows you to see which print, out of an edition that you have (ex. 1/30).  The smaller the edition, the rarer the piece.  So far, I have kept all of my linoleum block prints in editions of 30 or less, and my most favorite I tend to print even less of, like my "Mother and Child" print (now sold out) that was an edition of only 10.

This linocut, titled "treebranchONE", is a recent carving and will be available for sale at Mamamade Market.

Babybearshop is excited to participate in the Spring Mamamade!

We will be there with our TRULY organic and natural skin care products! Can't wait to see you there.