Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pine Needle Baskets

Hi Everyone!! My name is Elaine Ussery, and I make pine needle baskets. I first discovered this craft while traveling in Florida, and then I started to see the baskets in other places. The first person that I came upon that was creating these baskets was Jeanne. Jeanne was drying some pine needles on a picnic table, and being the nosy person I am, I had to ask "What are you doing?" Then she told me about the basket making and showed me some of her creations. Wow! I was hooked! She was kind enough to show me the basics, and then I took a few classes on the how to's. I decided to get involved in some of the craft shows, as my hobby got out of control. When I do get into a craft show, I demonstrate how I make them. Most people have not seen them before, and I found out if I didn't demonstrate, they didn't believe that they were made from pine needles! Come see my creations!

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