Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm a hand-dying mama, so I'll be bringing my family wares, all on organic cotton. I love to specialize in matching parent-child tie dyes, or clothes for siblings . I also have organic baby layette sets, so hope to have those put together in cute 3 packs & gift sets. New items in the works for this fall: I am looking for suppliers of bamboo clothing and have a lead on a line of shirts & baby things all milled & sewn in the US. More pictures & info can be seen at ~Maria

Friday, September 07, 2007


My contribution this year at Mamamade is going to be birth announcements and chore charts.

They are magnetic charts that can be
put on the fridge. There are "tiles' with different chores on them and the child gets to move the tile to the chart when they complete that task. Around our house, we call them chores. We do most of them first thing in the morning but there are things that we do as we go throughout our day. Abby loves to help with the Laundry especially. She waits for the buzzer to go off and she gets all the clothes out (and then she jumps in the while they're still warm - gotta make it fun, right?) After an adequate amount of jumping, we sort the clothes into piles, fold them ( well... I mostly do that but she does help with the sheets and she knows how to sort and fold the socks!), and then we put everything away. She's such a great helper! Sometimes we even get a stopwatch and play "beat the beeper" to see if we can finish before the timer goes off.

Some folks who have placed orders already have asked that the word "chore" be replaced with "responsibility" and that's the cool thing with thes
e - they can be personalized with whatever you would like! I also have had a request to break up the chart into evening and morning. Requests welcome! All I need is a high resolution photo. You pick your theme and then pick from a list of chores and that's it!

Ready made (non-personalized charts) are available at Mamamade for $10.00. I will also be taking orders for Personalized ones - The Mamamade price for personalized ones will be $15.00 and they will be ready by Christmas.

Soon I will get a sideshow up of all available themes. Here are some
samples of what I have done so far. (The list of tiles is at the bottom)

(Click To Enlarge!)

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have only concieved of the wares I hope to sell at Mamamade this year. My second son was born just 7 weeks ago so all I have had time/energy to do so far is to dream things up, but I am excited (it's funny, I was just barely pregnant at last year's show, something like 4 weeks, didn't even know it yet!).

I found some beautiful tan linen with ivory stripes, almost like a ticking, that I am going to paint and hand embroider on. I am thinking some florals, maybe a bird on a tree limb, who knows, i just know I love that fabric and we'll see what happens. Also I am experimenting with stretching this and other fabrics onto frames so I can embroider hanging pieces as well. Has anyone out there stretched any fabric like a canvas? Is it true I do this with wet fabric and let it dry?

I have also been doing fashion drawings lately and hope to have a few of those to bring along.

i can't wait to see the little girl dresses you made, Tisra!

Only 71 days 'til Mamamade 2007!

I'm working on linoleum block prints (both framed art, and hand-printed cards), watercolor paintings, and some sewn items (Pack N Play sheets, maybe a few little girls' dresses I designed, and some of the Hair Pretties and Everyday Corsages from last year's sale).

What has everyone else got planned or in process?