Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have only concieved of the wares I hope to sell at Mamamade this year. My second son was born just 7 weeks ago so all I have had time/energy to do so far is to dream things up, but I am excited (it's funny, I was just barely pregnant at last year's show, something like 4 weeks, didn't even know it yet!).

I found some beautiful tan linen with ivory stripes, almost like a ticking, that I am going to paint and hand embroider on. I am thinking some florals, maybe a bird on a tree limb, who knows, i just know I love that fabric and we'll see what happens. Also I am experimenting with stretching this and other fabrics onto frames so I can embroider hanging pieces as well. Has anyone out there stretched any fabric like a canvas? Is it true I do this with wet fabric and let it dry?

I have also been doing fashion drawings lately and hope to have a few of those to bring along.

i can't wait to see the little girl dresses you made, Tisra!

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Tisra said...


Congratulations on your newest addition! Boy? Girl? Name? :-) Thrilling!