Saturday, November 03, 2007

Greetings from Babybearshop! It's finally starting to feel like Fall around here, which can only mean one thing: the holidays are getting closer every day! I can't wait to meet those of you that are coming to our Mamamade Event on November 17th.

Today I want to share some information about our signature product: Cheeky Baby Butter.

Let's start with the ingredients: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Sunflower Oil, Rosehip Oil, Calendula Flower Oil, Olive Oil, Essential oils of lavender, roman chamomile and red mandarin, and Non-GMO vitamin E.

Notice anything missing? Maybe the unpronounceable chemicals and ingredients you find on the back of your average baby lotion? Our products are truly organic and truly natural unlike many of the baby products out there that make that claim purely for marketing purposes!

This nutrient rich hydrating creme is great for massage, dry skin, eczema, scars and stretch marks. It is 99.9% organic, 100% natural and has 100% plant derived ingredients with NO parabens, pthalates or synthetic fragrance.

It is packaged in a recyclable brown glass jar and comes in two sizes: 1.7 oz. and 4 oz.

Check back here for more information about pricing as the sale gets closer!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I have quite the passion for stationery.  As a young girl, having family and friends spread across towns, cities, and oceans, I wrote and received a lot of letters.  The handwritten word is so personal.  It warms my heart to see the slant of a friend's cursive or the haste in which they've crossed their "t".  And in a day when e-mail and telephone communication is speedier, knowing that someone took more time to drop a note in the mail affirms the value of that friendship.  In fact, I will say that it is my dearest friends that I am able to close my eyes and visualize their individual handwriting.  The fonts of my friends.
At Mamamade this year, in addition to the line of hand printed lino cards, I will be offering blank cards with my photography on the front.  Each are high quality prints, attached with black photo corners, and signed by me.
From Julie: 16 days?

Well - Guess where I've been lately? IN DENIAL! I haven't done ONE THING (other than get this website together!) to prepare for mamamade! I am setting some time aside this weekend to get the responsibility charts printed off and I think I am also going to offer a "make it yourself note card kit" - This will be a CD of digital files with everything you need (except the scissors and glue) to make your own note cards - Even the envelopes! I think this will be a great gift for moms to give to daughters and maybe even as a project that mamas and their kids can do together. The CD will contain 7 "kits" and there will be samples of assembled cards at mamamade. I might even bring some unassembled ones to put together at the table to show folks how easy (AND FUN!) it is!