Thursday, November 01, 2007

From Julie: 16 days?

Well - Guess where I've been lately? IN DENIAL! I haven't done ONE THING (other than get this website together!) to prepare for mamamade! I am setting some time aside this weekend to get the responsibility charts printed off and I think I am also going to offer a "make it yourself note card kit" - This will be a CD of digital files with everything you need (except the scissors and glue) to make your own note cards - Even the envelopes! I think this will be a great gift for moms to give to daughters and maybe even as a project that mamas and their kids can do together. The CD will contain 7 "kits" and there will be samples of assembled cards at mamamade. I might even bring some unassembled ones to put together at the table to show folks how easy (AND FUN!) it is!

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