Wednesday, September 12, 2007

From: Angel (product specialist for BABYBEARSHOP)

Once upon a time Diana Stewart, a mother of two living in Nashville founded BABYBEARSHOP, a purely organic skincare line ‘just right’ for mothers, babies, and grown-ups alike who care about their health, the environment and having lusciously soft and healthy skin.

BABYBEARSHOP’s products are 99% organic, have 100% natural ingredients, contain no artificial anything and are free of common allergens. There are no artificial colors or fragrances, no synthetic preservatives, no genetically-modified ingredients, and have absolutely no parabens. Only the safest, highest-quality organic or wild-crafted essential oils are used, and therefore all of the products are safe for children and adults, and are helpful in soothing eczema and other allergy conditions.

Because our commitment to health and well-being extends beyond the skin, BABYBEARSHOP only uses recyclable packaging for our products. We are 100% cruelty-free; never tested on animals. We believe that every day is a new chance to make the best choices for our children, their future and the world we live in.

You can find us locally at Whole Foods, Escape Spa, Turnip Truck, Popo, Pangaea and Shine Salon. Nationally our products are sold at Nordstrom, Spa Nordstrom , and Babies R

Also look for our ads in Kiwi Magazine and Mothering Magazine.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Meet The Mama Hen: Carrie
Carrie Ferguson Weir created Los Pollitos Dicen (The Little Chicks Say) shortly after her own bilingual baby chick was born. Sold on-line and in retail stores, Los Pollitos Dicen offers colorful and comfortable children’s onesies and tees with Spanish messages in a wooden egg-shaped box – a perfect gift for bilingual children and parents who seek the unique, no matter what their Mother Tongue.

How To Contact Los Pollitos

Please visit the Los Pollitos Dicen website for a look at these hip baby digs. You may also contact Carrie at:


Meet Forward Thinking Mama: Chelle

Chelle Baldwin has a long history of thinking outside the box. Just ask her parents, they’ll tell you it’s true. Many moons ago she received a BFA degree specializing in furniture design and fabrication. After a 10 plus year hiatus of being a massage therapist, finding Mr. Right and having a few kids she has come back to what she loves, making sawdust and other messes. Let others bore you with the mundane and run of the mill. Chelle’s furniture speaks to the quirkier and lighter side of life, believing that things should be functional as well as enjoyable. She has two extremely diligent product testers in house, literally. They happen to be her daughters but that affiliation doesn’t seem to keep them from letting her know what works and what doesn’t.

How To Contact Outside Z Box
Chelle's in the blogosphere at You can contact Chelle at: outsidezbox at comcast dot net


Meet Digital Mama: Julie Clark

Julie Clark has always had a creative streak. It has manifested itself in various ways over the years but no matter what media she is using, it has always involved photography in some form or fashion. Given her first camera as a birthday gift as a young child, Julie started snapping pictures and has never stopped. Becoming a mom, of course, only made her photography habit harder to kick so instead she came up with creative ways to preserve all of those images. Julie transforms videos and photos into heartwarming DVD movies that entire families can enjoy year after year. Digital Scrapbooking soon followed as a creative way to chronicle the milestones of her children. And don’t forget: Photo Christmas Cards & Birth Announcements!

Julie sells her scrapbook wares on-line at ScrapbookMAX! You can also see sample birth announcements HERE, her DVDs HERE, and new this year: CHORE CHARTS and do it yourself note cards!

Julie is the happy Bride of Bruce, proud mama to Abby and Nathan and is expecting Clark Baby #3 in April of 2008!

How To Contact Julie: mamamade at comcast dot net


Little did we know that as we birthed our babies, we would be filled with a creativity we did not really expect to surface in these years filled with so many sleepless nights.

As we lay awake on those nights when everyone else in the house had FINALLY drifted off to sleep, our mama brains worked overtime. In between those long nursing sessions, diaper changes and quiet smooches, the ideas for our businesses crystallized.

Many of us are full time at home mamas. Others are by profession reporters, therapists, teachers, nurses, and more but it is the marathon that is mothering that has given us the stamina to build our businesses, at the same time we build our families. We come from an eclectic variety of backgrounds and philosophies but we are all bound together by that great equalizer: motherhood.

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting our businesses.

We will treat you right.

Mama always does.

Click HERE to see bios of all the mamas!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

From: Chelle

Howdy-ho, I am the resident saw dust maker of the group. Last year this group inspired me to dust off the cobwebs covering the creative part of my brain and get back to making stuff. So I came up with a children's table set and some activity pads for little creative minds. I will have both of these things again this year along with some new things. I have been glueing and sawing up a storm over the past few days and have some up with some nice cutting boards. I have a large one (1o"x10") and a mini one (6"x6"). I have some ideas floating around in my brain for other items and I'll post about them as I manage to actually make them. I also have set up a blog about my projects so feel free to check it out.