Monday, September 10, 2007


Meet Forward Thinking Mama: Chelle

Chelle Baldwin has a long history of thinking outside the box. Just ask her parents, they’ll tell you it’s true. Many moons ago she received a BFA degree specializing in furniture design and fabrication. After a 10 plus year hiatus of being a massage therapist, finding Mr. Right and having a few kids she has come back to what she loves, making sawdust and other messes. Let others bore you with the mundane and run of the mill. Chelle’s furniture speaks to the quirkier and lighter side of life, believing that things should be functional as well as enjoyable. She has two extremely diligent product testers in house, literally. They happen to be her daughters but that affiliation doesn’t seem to keep them from letting her know what works and what doesn’t.

How To Contact Outside Z Box
Chelle's in the blogosphere at You can contact Chelle at: outsidezbox at comcast dot net

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