Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Creative Minds Signature Designs

The Creative Minds Signature Designs team is a creative collaboration of artistry and the home life that we so value. We want to enrich our children's lives as well as pursue a business that keeps us close to home. We want to model for our families that life is a series of beautiful creations that with time and effort can be made into anything you can dream. We have a business that doesn’t compromise our priorities but gives us a tremendous outlet to offer something that defines us as more than parents and teachers to our children.

We create fabric art that consists of painted or fabric wrapped custom framework and includes hand cut and hand stitched appliqu├ęs as well as ribbon, wood and beaded embellishments. We also have acrylic and mixed media artwork that is equally unique as all of our work is one of a kind. We love to personalize and customize art for individual spaces.

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Anonymous said...

It was so great to meet you both today and have you as "mamas". I look foward to getting to know you more at the sale...your art is very creative as well!
Elizabeth Hutchison
two green olive trees
(the mother of four boys)