Friday, October 26, 2007

Elizabeth Behan's Bio:

Elizabeth's had more creativity in her since she was little than she ever knew what to do with. Her youngest creative memory is making doll
clothes out of toilet paper. After many years of not paying attention in school (due to creative projects floating around her head) she attended East Tennessee State University and studied fiber arts. This gave her a definition of what she had been all those years: an artist.

After years of traveling and selling different wares, she settled down to become a wife and mother of two children. Adi is 10 and Teagen is 5. With all the clothes, cakes, costumes and gifts that come with children, she spent the the next few years creating an exciting atmosphere for her children - including parties where the house was totally transformed into another place (ie. Narnia) and tons of children had full costumes to become the characters in the books! Her
latest creative passion is making jewelry from broken china.

A friend asking her to do something "creative " with her collection of broken china collected from the ocean created a love, in Elizabeth, for sea china. A trip to New England where she and her husband found as much sea china as her friend had found in 10 years cemented the dream as one God had for her, so she was off and running! Upon looking around at the uneven stacks of china she had inherited another idea was born. Using another talent she had developed over the years, breaking dishes, she decided to add a line of jewelry made from broken antique china. This naturally grew into the china a new bride picks out being purchased and broken and made into gifts for the wedding party.

Her work can be seen at

Home parties, art shows and weddings showcase these beautiful creations. Past years' Mamamade shows have been an important step in encouraging the blending of mothering and pursuing her own business. It showed her that the season of being a mother to little ones didn't have to be over, or overtaken for a passionate home business to grow. She was also so excited to meet other moms who live in the same creative place she does.

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