Sunday, October 21, 2007

The story of Jenni Hopkins...
Simply put, I am a West Virginia girl livin' in Tennessee, with my hilarious husband and two baby boys, and I love to try to make the world just a little more beautiful than I found it.
I grew up in Charleston, West Virginia and found both my love of art and the love of my life there. I have attempted most kinds of creative ventures, from macrame to collage, and have found that paint and a sewing machine are my favorite tools of expression.
Formally, I studied television production and costume design for theatre at the University of Kentucky and went on to do some graduate work in costume design at the University of Texas and in fashion design at Parsons in NYC.
After the birth of my son, Wyatt, we moved to New Orleans, the place where Nate and I were married 5 years before, and lived there only 3 months before hurricane Katrina hit. With everything turned upside down, I found myself craving simplicity and those things that are quintessential to the feelings of home. Beauty, comfort, personal style, the little things that make it well... home. So I started embroidering and making pillows and painting art for my sister and my friends. I found such peace and satisfaction in doing this I wanted to do it full time. I would be honored to make something beautiful for your home!

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