Tuesday, March 25, 2008

From Tisra: treebranchONE

Linoleum block prints (linocuts) are similar in concept to a stamp, in that they are relief prints. I hand cut my artwork on natural linoleum, which is a thin, carve-able layer of cork and linseed oil with a burlap backing. After the cutting and carving is done, the image is inked with a brayer and transfered to paper. I prefer the old-fashioned method of burnishing with a wooden spoon, and do not use a printing press. This allows me to be more hands on with my work, and results in subtle differences in each print- making them each unique!  For this reason, linocut prints are each considered original art.  All of my linoleum block prints are signed, dated, and numbered.  The numbering allows you to see which print, out of an edition that you have (ex. 1/30).  The smaller the edition, the rarer the piece.  So far, I have kept all of my linoleum block prints in editions of 30 or less, and my most favorite I tend to print even less of, like my "Mother and Child" print (now sold out) that was an edition of only 10.

This linocut, titled "treebranchONE", is a recent carving and will be available for sale at Mamamade Market.

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