Thursday, November 08, 2007

From Julie:

I took some time this evening to put together some of the cards that will be available on the CD that I will have for sale at mamamade.

I had so much fun making them and can totally see this being a great thing to have on hand - I'm so excited about offering it at open house!

The CD will have a collection of 8 sets of cards - Within each set there are 4 printable cards with 2 different designs. Two of the cards are print-and-go and two are assemble yourself for a layered 3-D effect. Each set also includes 2 coordinating envelopes that you can print, fold, and glue (I use scotch tape).

I embellished the note cards with things I have laying around the house - some ribbon, a few random scrapbook brads and flowers, and even a few leaves from the back yard. All you need is a printer, some cardstock, scissors & some adhesive (glue or a glue stick, tape, or other adhesive like like zots). Optionally, you can add some embellishments like the ones I mentioned above.

My 4 year old has not mastered cutting things within the lines but she loves to play with her craft scissors. I print an extra set of cards and she cuts and glues right along with me.

The great thing about having these in digital form is that you can use them over and over again!

There are 2 Christmas Themed sets, 1 Patriotic Set, a Valentine Themed Set, a Sweet Pink and Blue set (perfect for baby announcements or thank you notes), a party themed set perfect for birthday invites or thank yous, and 2 other sets in shades of brown and pink.

Also included on the CD are bonus Lollipop Treat Covers for Valentine, Birthday and Christmas Party days and Mini Christmas Gift Card tags.

Lots of Fun!!!

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Tisra said...

Such a neat idea! I love the two versions (3-D or not). Also love the valentines lollipop covers and the ip about printing a set for your child to work on. Great stuff, Julie!