Monday, November 05, 2007

Today I worked on hand-printing some linoleum block print cards (lino cards) from my Speech Bubble line.  I love these cards and use them myself.  Hand carved from natural linoleum, the artwork is then inked up with a brayer and printed.  Some people use printing presses, but I hand print them by rubbing on the back of the print with a wooden spoon.  I like this hands-on approach and the slightly rustic look that can be achieved this way.  Each print is an original, unique piece of art.  This particular line of is so fun to use!   The silly cards feature a character with an empty speech bubble- write in anything you want!  "Congratulations!", "Thank You", "Happy Gum Chewing Day!"... you name it.

Every white or ivory card is roughly 4x6" and comes with a matching envelope.  At Mamamade, I'll have all my cards available individually, but they may be purchased in multiples for a a better price- you pick and choose (like going to one of those bulk bin candy places- you only grab what you want).  And whether you choose one or 10, I'll have plastic sleeves on hand to protect your artwork, and package them nicely.


Ms. Booty Homemaker said...

those are EXCELLENT!i'm crazy fond of the bear on bicycle & the cartwheeler!

Beth Howard said...

Who-Hoo! I love those! I was so mad that I didn't get any last year before they sold out! Lesson learned!