Friday, March 14, 2008

Participant Bio: Freshie & Zero

Hi there! My name is "Freshie" (a.k.a. Beth) and I make a line of jewelry called Freshie & Zero. Zero is my Jack Russel Terrier. I am an "honorary" mama.



I was born and raised in Nashville, TN and I am so happy to still be living in this area! I have been making jewelry full time now for two years. I strive to create pieces that are pretty, modern, and classic by using simple geometric shapes. Each piece is handcrafted using a hammer and sterling silver or gold-filled wire and the end result is a mix of delicate sophistication and irregular organic beauty. Occasionally I add touches of semi-precious gemstones or pearls, and have recently added elements of delicate and edgy wire wrapping. Prices range from $18 earrings to $112 lariats, but the average price is around $40-$60.

All of the above & more will be at the Mamamade show! Please visit my website or my blog to learn more about my jewelry & my crafty life!


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Tisra said...


What a pleasure it is having you as a "Mama" again! Your jewelry is so fresh, and elegant. I can't wait to see your newest designs!