Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Born and raised in Southern California, tisra moved to Tennessee after marrying her best friend nearly 10 years ago. She had always dabbled in art, being the daughter of an artistic mom who painted, sewed and was a ceramic artist. But, her academdic side drew her to science, specifically Biology, and the creative spirit was neglected for a good long while. With the birth of their first child, and the passing of her mother due to breast cancer in 2000, Tisra discovered that her neglected artistic side was a comfort, an outlet, and an undeniable God-given force, that rose to the surface again with little effort. Memories of her mom's instruction in childhood serve as a guide, and paired with the creative urges gained in motherhood: paint flows, the sewing machine whirs, and the knitting needles fly! Tisra's knitting designs have been published online with Knitty.com and chiagu.com. She is the proud mommy to Grant (7), Dean (4.5), and Lael (nearly 3). The profit from any of her items at Mamamade will go toward the adoption of their fourth child (and newest daughter) whom they hope to bring home from Taiwan in 2008.
Available at Mamamade 2007, Tisra hopes to have a selection of framed original art, sewn items, linoleum block printed cards, and fun-printed baby Travel Cot sheets.
She may be contacted at tisra AT fadely DOT net and items may be purchased through her Etsy store: http://www.tisrafadelyoriginals.etsy.com

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