Friday, April 11, 2008

Let Imaginations soar with KnitOwl Toys

KnitOwl toys are flying the friendly skies with toy airplanes and happy-faced jumbo jets. Come see us at MamaMade April 26th!

Soft squeezable airplanes and jets are fun to swoop through the air

Our handmade toys are for girls, boys and the young at heart. Each one is made from an original hand-drafted pattern created by artist Marie Lamb. We also do custom color orders in our classic line of dolls, toy horses, rabbits and more.

Green Jumbo Jet

Come see our ever-changing line of classic and unique toys at KnitOwl Toy Shop

Cute Slugs
won't eat your garden because they come with their own 'slug food.'


freshie (and zero) said...

Oh my gosh - those airplanes are so adorable!

toy horses fan said...

wow, those are great toys! I really like those airplanes too. I noticed you mentioned toy horses - I've found some really neat toy horses at Paradise Horses. You may be interested to check them out as well. Thanks for your really interesting blog posts.