Thursday, November 15, 2007

Grab you hats and pull up your britches people and get ready for the big event!! Can you believe it starts in 56 hours and 15 minutes?!?! I have been living in a cloud of dust trying to get all the cutting boards done for the show. There have been some shall we say "mechanical difficulties" along the way. As you know my router switch bit the dust a while back. That was actually the second thing to break on me (my sewing machine went on strike weeks ago) and as I was soon to discover not the last. I had one of my orbital sanders literally go up in smoke and then my drill press decided that I had drilled one too many holes and went KER-PLUNK! Thankfully it did that just as I was finishing up so I only had to hand drill a few boards. I ended up with 3 different sizes of boards. The biggi, mini and skinni. Here they are in walnut.
I have all the sizes in three different woods. Walnut, Cherry and Mahogany. The maple on the skinni and mini is curly maple. On the biggi it's rock maple. Here is a pic of the three different woods.

I spent my nights whirring away at the sewing machine making a bunch of Placemat-a-doodle-do's. I have 4 colors available this year. They are vinyl so cleaning them up after a meal is a breeze with a wet wipe or washcloth. Make your outings with your kids easier and pick up one for them. Heck for that matter make your outings with the kids more fun for the rest of the people in the restaurant and pick one up for them.

So it's quarter to one in the morning and I have to go make lunch for my oldest daughter for school tomorrow. As excited as I am about the show I must admit I am looking forward to some earlier bedtimes starting Saturday night! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ......

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*j-u-l-e-s* said...

Um, Chelle - Is that a Christmas Tree in the background there?

You mean you have been making all this stuff for mamamade AND you have your house decorated for Christmas?

You truly are a cyborg. :lol

5:28 AM