Monday, November 12, 2007

Number of days to MAMAMADE 2007: 5

Number of projects on my plate: O, Thousands!

Number of minutes spent sewing this week: 218 (approx.)

Number of minutes spent exercising: 405 (EXACTLY)

Christmas Gifts purchased: 2

People to buy gifts for: O, Thousands!

MAMAMade Items:

LUNCH TOTES! Finished: 5

These lunch totes are insulated, oh so pretty and born out of necessity! I must pack in my own food everyday to work, lest I be tempted by the vending machine Sirens. And those puny lunch bags gross me out with their unwashable plastic and only enough space for a couple sticks 'o celery and a Capri Sun. So I made myself a big ole bag that I can throw in the wash and get rid of that fat-free dressing spilled last Tuesday.

finished: 20

Wire wreaths! Finished: 2 (and hopefully more to come, depending on your reaction!)

Bibs! Finished: 12

On The Go Wallets! Finished: 6

Assorted totes, cd boxes, etc! O, Thousands

Come by and see us! We've all been busy whipping up some beauties!


The Hen said...

Beth, I do believe you're sold out of those wire wreathes because I MUST have them...You rock! What wonderful items. My shopping list is complete because of Mamamade!

*j-u-l-e-s* said...

wow - great stuff! I love the lunch totes and wonder if you could come up with a "manly" version? my husband takes his lunch everyday in a plastic kroger bag.

jpdmom said...

Hey there what a small world we live in - I know Carrie, though I am in California! I can not even tell you HOW I found this blog - but so funny to find my cyber friend Carrie's products. Hope the show you do is great - I think I heard about it....